Daxa Sanghvi, MSW

- Masters in Social Work
- 22+ years case management and educational training experience

Senior care focuses on people's need for assistance as they age. Seniors want to preserve their independence as long as possible with minimal support. The best senior care maintains an individual's dignity and involves them in the decision making process. A care manager that specializes in 'geriatric care' understands the concerns that accompany this stage in life and the resources available to seniors.

What is geriatric care management?
A geriatric care manager provides assistance to families who care for seniors, including information, resources and counseling. These services help your family cope with changes in physical and cognitive health of your loved one, and help older adults remain as independent as possible. A geriatric care manager has the expertise to guide families and seniors through the process.

I can help you understand the services available and what options you have. I also provide family mediation and assistance with preparing for the future. You can find more details on the Services page.

The first step...
Geriatric care starts with an initial assessment with the care giver. During the initial assessment, I will meet the family, we will discuss your situation and develop a care plan together. After the initial assessment, I will work with you to provide individualized strategies and arrange services as needed. 

You can find out more about the process on the Getting Started page.
I offer seminars and classes which you can view on the Education page.

I am also happy to answer any of your questions and to arrange an initial assessment. See more information on the Services page. You can call me at (847)502-1436 or email me at daxasanghvi@gmail.com.
View my program for Schaumburg Library:
For Seniors: Planning Your Future & Navigating Your Options